Maison Ariel Toledano – An Israeli haute couture fashion house. The house specializes in wedding dresses, evening gowns and fine jewelry.

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Art director – Mr. Ariel Toledano

After graduating “Shenkar”, Israel’s top school for art, engineering and design with honor, Mr. Ariel Toledano soon started to work for “Balmain” fashion house in Paris.

At his work, he had a chance to work alongside with Mr. Olivier Rousting, “Balmain’s” art director, and design garments to top celebrities such as Beyoncé, Kyle Janer Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Tailor swift and more…

Since Ariel was chosen to create garments at the piece show department, Ariel took a part and participate in fashion shows like: “Balmain” fashion show in Paris fashion week and “Balmain” and “H&M” collaboration fashion show in New York fashion week.

Ever Since Ariel was very young, he had a dream to create clothes for the sake of being and feeling, unlike clothes that are made for a need.

To do so, he came back to Israel and opened “Maison Ariel Toledano”.

The house mission is to break down barriers in fashion and bridal appearance. By using Ariel’s unique language code and high-end couture technics.

The house designs combines old and new, Boho chick, urban and dreamy style and very reach versatility.

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